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Why travel so far out to see the Great Barrier Reef?

The outer reef is prefered by corals and marine animals as it is well away from the coast and the effect of the rivers and streams; out here on the very edge of the Pacific Ocean is where the corals thrive. Of course, with the healthy corals there are many dynamic and colourful marine animals like turtles, rays, sharks and many more.

The fish are accustomed to people swimming around, so much that you can approach them very close, usually within an arm’s length, before they move slightly away, just to keep that “comfortable” distance.

It truly is the most stunning destination to try snorkelling and diving and glass bottom boat tours by far.

Skedaddle moors on the calm side at one of the most interesting locations and although the back of the boat may be hanging over the shallow coral the bow of the boat is in 20 metres of water.

It is here, where you can experience the true wonders of this Outer Edge Reef, there are the coral caves, coral overhangs, deep water drop offs, coral canyons, swim throughs and shallow coral bays that are only metres from the side of Skedaddle.

Along the steep edges there are swirling schools of small fish, colourful parrot fish, turtles, giant clams, “friendly” little reef sharks, bright yellow butterfly fish, pairs of rabbit fish, countless varieties of brightly coloured damsel fish and of course, Nemo.

Hastings Reef

Hastings Reef is located 30 nautical miles out from Cairns. At the end of the last ice age some 11,000 – 12,000 years ago this is where the Australian coast line actually resided and it is here the reef began to grow.

Hasting is a typical outer reef, on most days a line of breakers marks where the deep ocean swells break onto the reef wall. The reef itself is shallow on top, with steep sides reminiscent of cliffs falling away into the surrounding water.

For divers and snorkellers you are swimming in the clear ocean water which provides the utmost visibility.

diversity of wildlife

Hastings Reef

It’s definitely worth travelling this far out for the best of the Great Barrier Reef.

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