The Boat

The only boat like this in Australia!

The boat

Skedaddle is a new and unique concept, an exciting, modern and super-fast jet boat that from the outset was uncompromisingly designed to do this exact tour. Offering a magnificent outer reef with a thrilling ride along with experienced, professional and friendly crew.


2000 horse power (1491 kw) driving through Rolls Royce jets gives her a top speed of 42+ knots (78+ km/h) and a cruising speed of up to 35 knots (65 km/h).


Being 18 metres long with exceptional seats and unique hull design provides an outstanding ride.


A large water sports area and easy to use stairs makes for simple entry and exit from the water.

Unique in that she is the only boat in Australia to offer all this in one amazing package!
If still you don’t understand what having 2000 horse power driving through Rolls Royce jets in an 18 metre boat means…


Skedaddle is a lot of fun, exciting and exhilarating but she is not for everyone, not recommended if you:
Are pregnant, have any back or neck issues, have broken bones, have recent injuries, have had recent operations, or if you are under 1.3m tall (height checked on boarding).

Tour Prices

Pack light and have fun!

Skedaddle is not air-conditioned and we cannot carry large personal items – we need to travel quickly.
Meals are not offered as after all this is a half-day tour. In addition to the afternoon tea and coffee, a selection of cold drinks and confectionery are available for purchase. Unlimited water is available from the fresh water bubbler on-board. Fresh water showers are available to rinse off before returning to Cairns.